Equipment Working Capital Program (EWCP)

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Our exclusive EWCP (Equipment Working Capital Program) was originally designed and implemented in January of 2021 specifically to assist our current MAC customers with their needs of working capital.  There are a number of reasons for this capital, and they needed it immediately.  Our process is simple, fast, easy, and makes sense for both parties. By utilizing the equity in equipment, they owned, we were able to use the equipment to get the cashflow they needed.  The customer can choose up to five years to pay the loan back which made the payments convenient and affordable. Regardless of each customer’s reason for the working capital, we made it very easy to qualify with just a few simple parameters.  In some cases, this program literally kept our customer in business.  This demand was very high, primarily from rising rates, economy, inflation, GDP, and the direction this country was going.  The agriculture industry is one of the highest impacted, but there are many others, and some of these companies have been in business for generations. We clearly saw the need and we provided the solution to all of our customers. After 18 months, we determined from such high demand, to extend this program with even higher limits and to be offered to all companies throughout the United States, not just MAC customers. After extensive review of the portfolio, from the customers enrolled in the EWCP last year, we are very pleased to announce that we launched EWCP to all qualified customers throughout the United States within the industries we are aligned with.

For the full list, please click here Equipment Types – MAC Financial Services (

This program is available effective 6/1/2022 throughout the United States and you can apply online through our secure website. MAC is here to help you grow your business by simply utilizing the equity you have in the equipment you own.  Whether you need the money to cover fuel costs, rising inflation, managing inventory, machine repairs, expansion of your business, or simply just keeping your business going, we are here to help.

MAC Financial Services provides financing services to businesses of all sizes, our specialists have a precise understanding of multiple industries and their prime seasons, with the awareness of cash flow predicaments that are seen and often unseen.

Many clients search the internet for working capital only to be disappointed and frustrated from the outcome.  Our EWCP, (equipment working capital program) is a proprietary feature exclusive to our customers and comes with many benefits.  Our number one priority is our customers and has proven to play a huge part in our continued success over the last 23 years.

The Cash Flow You Need to Grow

To keep your business healthy and successful, you need liquidity.  Unlike a traditional bank loan, which requires an extensive approval process, our process is very simple and straightforward.  Our EWCP working capital loan program can offer approvals in as little as a couple of hours, with funding in as few as 5 days.  Since the working capital is secured by equipment, the terms are competitive unlike most working capital loans that charge very high rates with 6-24 month terms.  Often times, companies are forced to use loans with terms as they have little to no alternative.  We are here to help customers with good credit get through any challenging times they are facing, no matter the circumstances.

Our expertise and advice will help provide the most affordable solutions for your working capital needs.  We launched our EWCP (Equipment Working Capital Program) January 2021 and have 95% approval ratio and 100% closing. Many of our customers were so pleased with the program, they came back for additional working capital and or to purchase a new or used piece of equipment for their company as the working capital assisted in their continued success through these uncertain times. Currently, we have funded over $35,000,000 through the EWCP program and are prepared to assist every customer, with this program, to become or remain successful!!!

How much can I borrow against my equipment?

We provide up to 125% LTV (loan to value) of the current fair market value of the equipment being borrowed against. The equipment must be fully paid off and no blanket lien against the equipment. $50,000 to $500,000 application only.

What are the terms for $100k of working capital?

Although each customer is different and may qualify for a lower payment or want a shorter term, the average monthly payment would be $2,200 per month for 60 months.  This is an average annual cost is $6,400 which is 6.4% of the original amount borrowed.  Early payout is permitted. The minimum loan is $25,000 and shorter terms are available.  The rate factor will not change regardless of the amount borrowed. very simple, take .0220 and multiply it by the amount and you will know the approximate payment.

IE: .0220 X $150K = $3,300   .0220 X $75,000 = $1,650

How long does it take to receive the working capital loan?

Typically, it takes 3 to 5 business days.  However, we can fund within 24 hours if we have all the required documents executed, reviewed and processed.

What type of equipment qualifies?

We offer working capital across many industries including but not limited to farming, drilling, recycling, tree servicing, land clearing, excavating, utilities, and many other types of industrial equipment, for the full list, please click here Equipment Types – MAC Financial Services (  Please note, we don’t have any age restrictions on the equipment.

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