Reasons to Lease

For Businesses of All Sizes

  • 15 Minute Pre-Approvals up to $100,000
  • 24 Hour Turnaround Time up to $1,000,000
  • One Page Credit Application
  • No Financial or Tax returns up to $300,000
  • Apply Over the Phone
  • Apply Online
  • Apply by Fax

Leasing is Better than Bank Financing

Leasing vs. Bank Financing
  • Leasing is quicker and easier than bank financing. We can provide pre-approvals in as little as 15 minutes.
  • true lease is 100% tax deductible. Bank-financed equipment must be depreciated over a period of years and only the interest portion is deductible. See other Tax Advantages.
  • Leasing Can Accelerate Your Write-Offs. You can set the term of a true lease to a shorter period than the IRS depreciation schedule–effectively writing your equipment off FASTER! See other Tax Advantages.
  • No restrictive covenants on future borrowing. Most banks attach broad restrictions on your ability to seek future financing without their express consent.
  • No “cross collateralization.” Banks often require that you pledge other collateral (assets). We do not file blanket UCC liens that effectively secure all of your equipment and assets, not just the equipment you are acquiring. Your future financial flexibility may be severely compromised

Leasing is Better than Bank Financing Continued

  • Lower cash requirements. Banks “typically” require 10-25% down payments while leases require only one or two payments in advance.
  • Leases allow 100% financing and include soft costs like installation, training and shipping.
  • True leases are not included on your Balance Sheet. Since you do not own the equipment you do not need to record the asset or the liability. This is vital to companies with bank lines that restrict debt and liquidity ratios.
  • Lease Payments Are Fixed while most Bank loans are Variable.
  • Leases have many different payment plans. These payments can be set up to meet your cash flow needs. Options include: step-up, step-down, seasonal skip payments and many other payment stream options

Leasing Saves on Cash Flow

The Options of Leasing:
  • Seasonal-Payments: For businesses that anticipate slow cash flow during specific times of the year.
  • Sale-Leaseback’s: Equipment that has been fully paid for is available for this plan. We will buy your equipment and lease it right back to you under the terms you select!
  • $99/Month For The First 6 Months: We have the ability to structure your first 6 months of payments at $99 per month.
  • Vendor Pre-funding: If your equipment vendor requires substantial funds for specially designed and ordered equipment, we will pre-fund those advanced payments to the vendor and include them in your monthly lease payments.
  • Step-Down Payments: Useful if you are looking to accelerate your tax write-offs.
  • Step-Up Payments: Payments increase over time as cash flow from that piece of equipment increases.
  • 90-Day Deferred Payments: After you take possession of your equipment, your first payment isn’t due for 90 days.
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